Code Short Description Channels 24V DC Input Output
SAG4001 1-channel isolated barrier, 24 V DC supply (loop powered), Thermocouple input, Output 4 mA ... 20 mA, Internal cold junction compensation, Sensor breakage detection, DIP switch selectable ranges, Input: Thermocouple, Rated voltage: 12 ... 35 V DC loop powered, Output: 4-20 mA 1 12 ... 35 V Thermocouple 4...20 mA

The barrier recommended for thermocouples and other mV sources is the SAG4000 series. This barrier is a non-polarized barrier that will allow the transfer of a mV signal to be passed from a hazardous area into a control system. When using T/Cís, compensating T/C cable must be used to prevent offsets and CJ issues.